Friday, January 22, 2010

What to Put in a Game Day Bag!

If you have kids, or if you are just a super spirited wife, you should have a good game day bag ready and full of goodies. Backpacks are easiest so that your hands are free to carry your kids, stadium seat and to carry your concession stand hot dogs and popcorn!

Here are some items that are in my Game Day Backpack ready for all games:
--Large Zip lock bag of snacks for my kids. Their trash goes back into the zip lock bag and ready to be thrown away!
--Wetwipes- to clean up my boys sticky hands and in case we spill a coke.
-- 2 decorated bells
--Large decorated shaker bottle
--My large megaphone. Sometimes I do not take this, it depends on the game.
--Other noise makers that I can find
--Tattoos of our team's logos, Black Eyeliner to draw black eyes on my boys
--Personal Essentials: I have an extra makeup bag with lipstick, eyeliner, small mirror, gum, and ibuprofen- just in case:)
--Include anything that you made need for the weather: umbrella, scarfs, poncho, gloves, heat warmers
--Directions to the games, and I also include a laminated roster, sometimes that has to be updated:)
Then I just have to add in my wallet. tickets to the game and cell phone. I clean out my bag after each game and refill it the night before a game so that I am not scrambling to get ready to leave for the game. My bag is quite stuffed, but I am always ready for the game!

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