Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lady Raider Football Camp

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Lady Raider Football Camp is basically a Football for Dummies for women! While the wives actually host the camp, the coaches actually do the teaching.
Last year, our football camp was very successful!! The only thing that I would change is I might have the Wives actually do the teaching in the classroom. Specifically because our poor coaches didn't really understand that the majority of women don't know much about football- especially formations. Its not really the coaches fault, they just don't get that we needed to start from WHAT is the Line of Scrimmage versus teaching us the Liz and Man plays:)

Josh and I carefully planned out the itenerary. We wanted to give the mom's the feel of what the kids do everyday, so we started registration out by sending them with their "playbook" to the Study Hall for 15 minutes.
Next we headed to the boys locker room and made them do the bootcamp that the players do each morning.
From there, we headed straight outside and split into groups to do the practice drills. Never in my life had I had as much fun throwing the ball. The coaches were very professional and were great with the mom's, and what was great was ALL mom's participated.
We headed into the Training Room, where our trainer showed us the stem machines, the bands, the stretches that injured players do and the Hot and Ice Baths.
Lunch Break! The wives had lunch with the mom players and then we had 2 guest speakers, who were in remission from Breast Cancer.
Next we headed into the study hall and our team physician came in and spoke to us about what he does for the team.
Next was Fooball 101 with the coaches. This is where they went over plays and answered any and all football questions that we had.
We ended with door prizes and goody bags for each of the mom's!
We planned this with a month's notice. We had businesses all over that were willing to donate things to our camp. It was easy to find speakers. Our first year, we had over 65 people sign up. With only a Freshman and Sophomore class, I felt that was pretty good!

If you are interested in hosting something like this and would like some help, or have questions, feel free to email me anytime!

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