Friday, January 22, 2010

Game Day Rituals

Maybe I am a little obsessed with football, but I have Game Day Rituals that I follow. It helps me to get into the game. I am tense almost all day- but in a good way and I don't feel like I am in a bad mood, just very focused as if somehow, someway I am sending good vibes to Josh:) haha

Here are just some of the things that I do on Game Day mornings:

1- I send all the Coaches an email telling them Good Luck-
This is more for me than for them. It started at Cedar Park. The first game of the 2006 season, I sent the entire coaching staff a good luck email and we won that night. Sounds silly, but I am very superstitous, so the next week I send another one and we won. We ended up going 11-1 that year, so needless to say, I sent them an email for 12 weeks straight. I don't really believe it helped us to win, but it was just one of those thing that you start doing and then can't stop.
2- I update my Raider Blog-
This is something I started last season, but before the blog, I would send out an email to my family and any parents about the upcoming opponent. Yes, dumb, but I would research the other team and send out the info. So now, I just do it on the blog!
3- My attire
I try my hardest to wear a different shirt to every game. I don't know why- its another one of those superstitions. BUT, I always wear the same jewlery and this maybe be too much information to share, but I also wear the same underwear (washed of course) and I also have 3 pairs of the same ones, AND I ONLY wear them on OUR gamedays. They are our colors and they have a football helmet on them. (Victoria Secret-varisty line) Absolutely silly, but its what I do! check out my new game day undies!
4-Football Food
I make the boys football shaped muffins in the mornings and at lunch, I use a cookie cutter and make their sandwiches into football shapes. (field goal, football, uniforms, ect)

5-On the way to the Game

On the way to the game, I have a great self-made CD with lots of great football songs on it that I listen to. I try to keep with the times, but sometimes that is hard- especially now that I am getting older! ha

6-Kids Attire
My boys are football boys- there is no doubt in my mind that my oldest will grow up to be a coach. I am not sure about the youngest one yet, but I am sure he will do something with the football world.
They like to dress like the players to the games. From the helmet, to the cleats, they are exact replicas of our own athletes.
They go a step further and have to have black under their eyes as well as tattoos on their cheeks.
I have been doing this with them since they were born and it hasn't stopped. Even at 9 months my boys had jersey's to wear to the games!

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