Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Breakfast for the Coaches!

While at Cedar Park, one day I decided that I wanted to make breakfast for all the football coaches. I never felt so appreciated than when I walked into that Coaches Office with warm food, so what started as a one time thing, quickly became a weekly tradition that hasn't stopped!
Its easy to do, a little time consuming, but its well worth it when I get to eat breakfast with Josh on Saturday mornings.

I have about 13 breakfast cassarole dishes that I rotate. I have a routine for how I make them and what I make with each cassarole. I make all them the day before, so that on Saturday mornings I can just pop it into the oven.

When we left Cedar Park, I spoke to one of the Booster Club members about continuing to make the coaches breakfast and to my knowledge, they still make them breakfast every Saturday morning. I couldn't leave my second favorite coaching staff unfed!!
If you don't want to be the only one to take on this job, but would like to have breakfast for your guys, maybe you could talk to your wives about rotating weeks. Maybe you could each take 1 Saturday.
I will be happy to email you my recipes for you to use! And if you have a good recipe that makes breakfast for a bunch, then please share yours!

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